Curriculum Vitae

Nieke Koek (1982)

Mother of San (2015) and Meije (2017).
Partner of Gosse de Kort, artist.



Atma instituut, body-oriented coaching.


Sandberg Institute, temporary department ‘Cure’, MFA. Amsterdam


Frank Mohr MFA Scenography, first year. Groningen/ Utrecht.


Mondriaan college of fashion and tailoring. The Hague.


Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, interfaculty Artscience, Bachelor.

Employment, long-term commitment


In Search of Stories. Research project Amsterdam UMC dep. oncology, Radboud University Nijmegen, Lectorate of The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Participating artist in co-creation with cancer patients.


Teacher and Coordinator at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. (0,6 FTE)<

Publications, lectures and exposure

Sept 2022-Jan 2023

Gelichaamd (Bodied). Solo in Museum de Fundatie Zwolle (NLD). Link

Sept 2022

Gelichaamd (Bodied). Book of the solo exhibition in Museum de Fundatie. Paperback ( ISBN 9789462624429 ). Link

Feb 2020

Revalidatie Magazine Online. Interview publication.  Link

Dec 2019

Janus Magazine Amsterdam UMC. Interview publication.  Link

Dec 2019

CEMM Symposion, guest lecturer. 

Jun 2019

Web publication Kunstzaken Amsterdam UMC. Interview publication. Link

Juli 2017      

Eternal Erasure-On Fashion Matters. Sandberg series nr2. Pg 206.  (ISBN 978-3-95679-342-4)

Sept 2016

Kunstuur TV-broadcasted interview.

Aug 2016  

Lecture at Artist Association Statenkwartier The Hague, NLD. Solo

Dec 2014  

Publication ‘OUCH!’, prescriptions for pain. Group

Sept 2014  

Publication ‘Beeld voor Beeld’, 90 sculpture artists from The Hague.  (ISBN: 978-90-70003-32-6)

Oct 2014

Pulchri magazine publication featuring ‘Yellow’.            

Art works, related selection

  • Four Axes and A Frame, Kinetic installation in collaboration with Gosse de Kort

Jun 2019 

Kanal Festival, Centre Pompidou, Brussel BE

Okt 2018

Amsterdam Dance Event at De School, Amsterdam NLD

Jul 2018  

Julidans. Offvenue at De School, Amsterdam NLD.

Okt 2017  

De Stijl#3 ‘Van Doesburg’. Gemeentemuseum The Hague NLD.

Sept 2017 

‘So you think you can DADA?!’. Schouwburg Leiden NLD.

June 2017 

De Stijl#2 ‘Mondriaan’. Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden and Gemeentemuseum The Hague NLD.

  • Axis, Kinetic installation in collaboration with Gosse de Kort

Jun 2018

Bureau Degrade, The Hague NLD.

Sept 2016

Open Monumentendag ‘Toekomst van Toen’. Zaandijk NLD.

Aug 2016

‘Landjuweel’ Ruigoord. Amsterdam NLD.                   

Jun 2016

‘AMS-NYC, Art Food Stories.’ Dokhuis gallery, Amsterdam NLD.

Jul 2016

Graduation Sandberg Instituut. Amsterdam NLD.

  • Yellow, Sculpture. (Collection Amsterdam UMC.)

Jun-Sept 2019

Amsterdam UMC, Geneeskunst

Jun 2018

Bureau Degrade, The Hague NLD.

Oct 2014

‘Beeld voor Beeld’ expo at Pulchri The Hague, NLD.

Jul 2012

Summer nest 2012, De Nestruimte, The Hague NLD

All other works

Sept 2022

‘Drift’. Kinetic installation. Collection Museum de Fundatie NLD.

Jan 2020

‘Dialogues’. Triptych of prints HxW 100x80cm. Q-Art exhibition Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam NLD

Jan 2020

‘Nota Benen’. Sculpture. Q-Art exhibition Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam NLD

Nov 2018

‘Face it’ Performative installation during Designers Saturday (Young Talents Sandberg). DS 2018, Lagenthal Switserland.

Aug 2017

‘Wind Charm’ Kinetic installation. Collaboration with Gosse de Kort. Stand-alone during beeldenroute, at ‘Landjuweel’ Ruigoord. Amsterdam NLD.

Oct 2015

‘Face it’. Performative installation during cure cafe. Taak, de Punt in Amsterdam NLD.

Dec 2014

‘In line with thoughts’. Performance installation. (LINT) Fifth season (artist residence at GGZ Altrecht psychiatric facility) group exhibition. Den Dolder NLD.

May 2014

‘A thousand ways to crawl through a hole’ Performance installation in collaboration with Marjolein Vogels. Participating audience and children. Weesp NLD. 

Dec 2013

‘Phi-festival’ Performance and sound installation based on the copper coils used in cinema’s. Collaboration with Dokhuis Gallery Amsterdam NLD.

Sept 2013              

‘The Ravage of storm’. Several dance solo’s about dementia, executed by professional dancer Marjolein Vogels, for world dementia day 2013, NLD.

Oct 2011  

‘Tissue chandelier’ (waterschade dress). Exhibition of the tissue dress at a textile arts festival, Zeebelt theatre The Hague NLD.  

Aug 2011  

‘Dada 2’.A performance based on the DADA movement during and after World War One. Theatre Zeebelt The Hague NLD.

Aug 2011  

‘1 second #1’ sculpture. A movement of one second is unravelled and displayed as a spatial object. Summernest exhibition, De Nestruimte, The Hague NLD.

May 2010 

‘Waterschade of de drielingzenuw’ (water damage or the nervus trigeminus). Performance about sneezing. Nutshuis, The Hague NLD


‘Stap’ (Step) Live interactive performance with cameras attached to my body. Dordrecht NLD.


‘Doorlopend’ (‘walking’) Performance during ‘Garden of delight’ with a live interactive camera shoe. De Nestruimte The Hague, NLD. 


‘STAP’ (Step). Immersive video-installation to experience the life of a foot. Graduation work, Artscience KABK (Royal academy of arts The Hague). NLD.


‘Dada’ A performance based on the DADA movement during and after World War One. With Thijs Elich. Scheltema Complex Leiden NLD


‘Out on a Limb. Cooperation with a choreographer and two dancers. Villa Ockenburg in Monster/ The Hague NLD.


‘All strings attached’. Performance with Nicky Assman at Zeebelt The Hague NLD. 

Costume and theatre design commissioned

Sept 2014 

‘Waterlanders’. Set and Costume design. Crash. NLD.

Oct 2013 

‘The new world symphony’ Set and Costume design. VeenFabriek, Leiden NLD.

Feb 2013 

‘Show me where the bullets go’. Scenography for a music video of the band Orlando.

May 2012 

‘De kleine prins’ (Le petit prince). Set and Costume design. Rabarber. The Hague NLD.

Apr-Jun 2011 

‘The Big Hole triptych’. Set and Costume design. Museum de Lakenhal, Scheltema complex and The VeenFabriek in Leiden NLD.

Mar 2010 

‘Kokoschka Live!’ Set and Costume design.  De Warme Winkel, The VeenFabriek and Touki Delphine. Modern Art Museum The Hague NLD.


Nieke Koek

0031 6 - 41493619

Rozenhagenstraat 37
2021 CH, Haarlem NLD